Alchemy is a primary job skill that mixes herbs found by Gathering to generate elixirs, tonics, oils, flasks with a variety of effects. Alchemy is useful to all character jobs. Melee fighters can use alchemy to create buff and healing potions. Spell casting classes can use alchemy to create mana potions and related buffs. Players can create potions, sell them to others, or give them to their party members and friends. Alchemists are well loved when they hand out potions.

Alchemy trainingEdit

Skill levelEdit

Skill Level Level {| Required Potential Cast
Apprentice - 1 75 1.5 sec
Journeyman - 50 150 1.5 sec
Expert 10 125 225 1.5 sec
t' 25 200 300 1.5 sec
Master 40 275 375 1.5 sec
Grand Master 55 350 450 1.5 sec
' 75 425 525 1.5 sec
' 80 500 600

1.5 sec

Advancing as a AlchemistEdit

Alchemists improve their skill by creating items.New recipes can be learned when the alchemist achieves the required skill level.Some recipes can also be learned through 'Discovery'. Remember to check with your alchemy trainer regularly for newly available recipes.When making these potions, the alchemist has a chance to learn a new recipe. Recipes discovered in this way also have a chance to grant a new recipe to the alchemist. Only recipes appropriate to the alchemist's skill level will be discovered in this way. The result of this is that the alchemist becomes self-taught; all further recipes can be learned simply through practicing alchemy. However, their discovery is somewhat randomised; although limited by the alchemist's skill level, there is no fixed order to the discoveries, and certain recipes may remain undiscovered for some time. The likelyhood of discovering a new recipe is not tied to the difficulty of the item being crafted, and seems to be even for all recipes, with even recipes with a grey skill level having a good chance of teaching the alchemist a new one.


All Tonic, Elixir and Flask will require a , which can be purchased from any trade goods or Alchemy vendor.There were five types of vials: Empty, previously used to create lower-level potions; Leaded, used to create mid-level potions; and , used to create higher-level potions and flasks.