A Backpack is Item that is used to increase the number of items a character can have in their inventory. They come in a variety of sizes (from one to thirty two slots).New characters start the game with a Starter Pack and room for eighteen more backpacks. The player carrys the backpack when looting so the players inventory doesn't fill up.

Function and featuresEdit

All backopacks fulfill the same basic purpose: they increase the number of items a character can hold in their inventory. There are twenty known sizes of backpacks available, ranging from 1 slots up to 32 slots. Adding different ingredients during the crafting process will result in a different utility in the finished backpack.

There are five variations of backpack:

  • Basic — No special properties
  • Material Backpack — Looted materials are placed here first
  • Oiled Backpack — Looted junk is place here first
  • Ingredient Backpack — Geathered Ingredients are placed here