Currency describes the game's units of commerce that are used to pay for goods and services.The lower bar of the inventory panel displays a few of the types that do not take up inventory space: Trader's Dollars and Crimson Marks. Other currencies can be seen by hovering over the lower bar, and clicking on it will bring up a window displaying all currencies and explaining what each is used for.

Currency TypesEdit

Character Base

  • Trader's Dollars used to buy verious things from NPCs and to exchange for crescent chips 
  • Crimson Marks are the most common form of currency accepted by NPCs and to exchange for crescent chips
  • Crescent Chips is a currency at Crimson Oasis and can be purchased at the exchange desk at the Palace. The player can exchange their chips for various prizes.
  • Chronocredit is a currency used in the Crimson Market and can be used at the Crimson Oasis