Experience Points, usually abbreviated as EXP or XP, are a recurring feature in the Final Cross series. Like in almost all RPGs, characters are further enhanced by gaining Experience Points. However, the method of gaining experience points can vary. Generally, experience is gained at the end of each successful battle.

See also: Level,Level Grinding


Final CrossEdit

By killing monsters, all members of the party will gain an equal amount of EXP, whether they made an action or not. Petrified and unconscious party members will not gain EXP. ABP  At the end of a battle, all available characters in the party are awarded AP and EXP. AP,levels up a character's Job, but also helps characters learn new Final Cross the player receives EXP from battles even if they escape. The amount of EXP gained from fled battles depends on how much the player reduced the enemies' HP by; if they damage an enemy 50% of their HP, they will get 50% of the EXP the enemy would give when defeated. Additionally, Summon's gain experience and AP at the end of battle in addition to +20 to what the characters gain.

The equipment upgrade system  utilizes Experience Points. EXP can be added to equipment via the upgrade menu accessed at save stations. Organic components add a multiplier, which can be boosted up to 3x to receive triple the regular EXP. Mechanic components add more EXP, but take the multiplier down when used.

Money for experience at top levelEdit

When a character has reached the highest level attainable they will receive money instead of experience points. In this case the normal gold reward a quest may give is not awarded. However, the xp to gold conversion always results in a larger gold reward than the normal gold reward.