Gathering is the act of collecting materials.General types of gathering resources include one veins, Bush's, tree's, plants, animals.gathering requires a gathering tool examples: mining picks for ore, logging axes for wood, and harvesting sickles for plants. You can equip the tools in the menu under items. The amount and quality of materials dropped depends on the level of the players geathering class.


To gather,stand by the object,a gathering icon will show in the bottom left corner the player then can gather the resource from rocks,bushs,trees, plants, animals. 

Progression Edit

By gathering the players job skill increases the ranking is listed below. Ranking goes from Gathering Beginner 0-5, Apprentice 0-10, Skilled 0-15, Professional 0-20, Master 0-30 and Grand Master 0-40.

Gathering ToolsEdit

Main Article: Gathering Tool

You can usually find a merchant offering gathering tools in large towns, some small ones, as well as some vendors.New characters may purchase basic harvesting tools from the following vendors.

  • In                talk to               in the
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