Gathering tools are tools that characters need to gather some of the resources needed for keitos.Only Gathering Job Skills are able to equip one of each type which grants the ability to gather each type of resource with changing weapons and skill . Some resources require better quality of tools in order to gather. Attempting to gather a resource with a poorer quality tool may result in gathering Ruined Plant Fiber, Ruined Log, or Ruined Ore Chunk instead of the intended materials. Higher-level gathering tools can gather the listed materials claimed by corresponding lower-level tools of the same type. For example, Steel Mining Picks can mine copper, iron, and silver ores as well as gold.


Tools can be purchased from various vendors, typically in cities and large towns. They are sometimes available from Cash Vendors or in small villages.

The following merchants sell the whole standard range of gathering equipment (ie copper, iron, steel,gathering tools):

Tool TypesEdit

Axe - tree chopping
  • Gives generic logs, chance of tree specific timber and/or sometimes other rare items
Harveesting sickle
Hoe/Harvesting sickle  - gathering flora: fruits, herbs, mushrooms, farming related plants
  • Bush, Thicket gives weeds and/or randomized seeds  - used for Farming
  • "Fruit Trees" gives weeds and chance of randomized fruits
  • mushroom patches gives mushrooms - used for Cooking
Tanning knife
Tanning Knife - extracts fur from animals the hunting job skill kills

yields animal specific fur with chance of processed (soft/ hard/ tough) hide and/or rare i

Pickaxes - rock harvesting and ore-rock mining
  • Rocks (Feldspar, Granite etc.) yields Rough Stones and chance of rock-specific Ores and/or rough crystals
  • specifically named Ore outcroppings yield the ores with a chance of Melted Ore Shards and/or rough crystals
Fuild container
Fuild Collector - extracts various fluids
  • Tree specific Sap is extracted from Trees
  • Animal specific Blood from animal the hunting job skill kills
  • Bucthering Knife - extracts meat from animals the hunting job skill kills
Water bottle
Empty Bottle - collects water from Oceans, Rivers, Lakes.
Fishing Rod - allows fishing near body of water to obtain fish, seaweed and random items