Harvesting sickles are a type of gathering tool used to harvest plant from farming to obtain ingredients.

Gathering toolEdit

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Players equip a harvesting sickle in the Foraging equipment slot. As a gathering tool, harvesting sickles have a required field and number of charges. Harvesting sickles purchased from vendors can be moved between characters. A standard set of harvesting sickles are purchased field from vendors and come with 50 charges. The required field of the harvesting sickle corresponds to a fiald, where the field of harvesting sickle required to harvest a plant node depends on the type of plant. Any harvesting sickle that is greater than the required field can be used to harvest the node. The requirement generally scales with the level of the zone; if a player is in a 60-80 zone, the player will need a Mithril Harvesting Sickle or better to harvest plant nodes in the zone.

Resource nodeEdit

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Harvesting sickles are used to harvest plant resource nodes. Plants can be harvested once and give 1-2 ingredients based on the type of plant. Unlike other resource nodes, there is a group of plant nodes for each field and the type of plant varies with individual zones.Harvesting plant with a lower tier harvesting sickle will give Ruined Plant Fiber.

Harvesting sicklesEdit

Field Name Level Cost Uses Nodes
1 0 50
2 10 50
3 15 60
3 20 90
4 30 100
4 35 115
5 45 125
5 55 130
6 60 145
6 60 160
6 65 25
6 76 10
6 83 Infinite
6 90 Infinite