The Horse is a primary and most common mode of transportation in the American West in the time of Final Cross.Horses serve as a way to travel fast across veries trarrians and are use to pull wagons and carts.


Final CrossEdit


In Final Cross horses are fast, adaptable, carry equipment and horses in Final Cross are very realistic in their movement and behavior, reacting to their environment and exhibiting self-preservation instincts.Horses also provide the physical power for wagons and carts. Between one to four horses pull the weight of vehicles of various weights, and at various speeds.

Horses may wander if they have not been tied and shy away from gunfire and animals, especially snakes, and will also get nervous and spooked by any potentially dangerous animals moving towards or that are near the player.


Horses can be purchased from ranchers/stores, in the form of deeds.To use a horse deed, open the menu then select the item inventory then select the deed,Using the horse deed causes the game to autosave, even if the horse is still alive. This is an easy way to save without having to search for a save point.