Job System, also known as the Class System or the Job Class System. The basic concept of the system is that each player character starts as a blank slate on which to choose character classes, much like in computer RPGs, and has development directly controlled by the player's decisions.

Each game that has featured the Job System has expanded on it and changed it in their own ways.


Final CrossEdit

         Main Artical: List of Final Cross Jobs

The Job System in the original Final Cross,had a good deal of changes and improvements to it. retains the concept of having a basic starting job which to make progress easier with the ability to freely switch between classes while retaining progress in each. New to the Job System, though, is the concept of Ability Points and multiple skills per job.

After a successful battle, AP is earned along with Exp and the player can use the AP to gain one of many skills available to the chosen job in a way similar to gaining levels for a specific character, as jobs now use multiple abilities instead of just one. This became another major part of the Job System and contributed to more flexibility and diversity available to the player.

In Addition included classic job types, as well as a few that are unique.The major change is that Barron Nazareth and hes companions can now change jobs during battle,Changing jobs during battle can grant access to certain bonuses, such as stat boosts or the chance to use certain abilities, which are in some cases only made available via this method.

Each Job has Job Skills, which are gained when the player has reach the required AP Points. Magick is treated differently,players can learn spells through the               once they have reached the required AP Points..Job Skills must be activated by the player in order to come into effect.