MP, which can stand for Magic Points, Mana Points, or Mist Points, is a stat in many games of the Final Cross series. MP is the measure of how many spells a character can cast. Every time a character casts a spell, an MP cost is deducted from their Maximum MP value. When a character runs out of MP, they will not be able to cast any more spells, and will have to resort to their weapon or some other form of replenished by consuming potions,sleeping, leveling up, or fast-traveling or resting with a Cabin. Naturally, stronger spells tend to have higher MP costs.Summon magic which uses MP

Various abilities and equipment can alter how MP is consumed.Abilities can be used to increase maximum MP by certain percentages as well.The cap for MP is 9,999.MP is replenished with Ethers, of which stronger variants exist.

Magic costs also apply to magically-inclined enemies. When an enemy's magic reserves are depleted, they can no longer cast spells or use enemy abilities that require MP. Some enemies will automatically be defeated when they run out of MP or when the part depleted the enemy's MP by using magic-damaging skills.



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