Mining picks are a type of Gathering Tool used to mine Vein Resource node to obtain Ore.

Gathering toolEdit

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Players equip a mining pick in the Mining equipment slot. As a gathering tool, mining picks have a required level and number of charges. Mining picks purchased from vendors can be moved between characters. The required level of the mining pick corresponds to a field, the field required to harvest a vein node depends on the type of vein. The required level for the mining pick and the corresponding nodes it's required to mine generally scale with the level of the zone.

Resource nodeEdit

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Mining picks are used to mine resource nodes. Veins can be mined three times in one interaction and give 1 Ore for each action based on the type of vein. Players have a chance to receive Gemstone. Mining veins with a lower tier mining pick will give Ruined Ore Chunk.

Mining picksEdit

Tier Name Level Cost Uses Nodes
1 0 100
2 10 100
3 15 100
3 20 125
4 30 100
4 32 100
5 45 100
5 55 125
6 60 100
6 60 125
6 63 25
6 75 25
6 80 Infinite
6 90 Infinite