The term Party  refers to the collection of characters under the player's control in the Final Cross series. Parties thus decide who the player takes into battle, making it a pivotal detail of the game's battle system.

This party leader is usually the character that appears on the World Map and locations which the party leader that appears on the world map can be switch out at any time changing who you see on the world map.


Final CrossEdit

The character that appears outside of battle is whoever is at the top of the formation. Final Cross has a limit of six-party with allies serve as a "sixth party member" that can help out in battle. Final Cross allows the player to switch between all characters mid-battle,If a party member is KO'ed they can be replaced with non KO'ed members,. If all characters are killed, the player gets a Game Over.Party members cannot be switched out if they are being targeted by an attack or ability of any kind (their name will appear red in the menu).

Characters not currently being used can be revived or healed by the party members who are in battle.Final Cross includes several allies and guest characters that are controlled by the computer. The allies appear in certain areas, fighting alongside the party for only a brief moment and have no relation to the party or the plot. Guests are like allies, but with some differences; guests actually enter the party and appear as a six member of the active party, but can't be switched with other party members.

Guests are also important to the plot and are often connected to the party. Guests, as they are party members, can be revived, however once allies die, they remain so. Neither allies, nor guests, can have equipment nor can they Level up.