The Player Hideouts are areas that house a club house building in Final Cross, hideouts are found in the wilderness and away from settlements.

description Edit

Hideouts are located though out the game and any player can use it. But each hideout only has 5 rooms for the players party at a time. Most hideout are made of mud and brick, but some are made of wood similar to a log cabin. log cabin hideouts are located in the forest.

their is no sign pointing players towards the hideouts. when the players HP level gets really low the hideout location that has a room available will show up. once the hideout are occupied the hideout will no long be visible. hideouts are only visible when the hideout is not occupied. each room offers small one person beds and a lock box. when a player enters a hideout room the player will be given a code for the lock box. any items left in the box once you leave the hideout, are available to any player that uses the hideout next.

Each hideout offers free food (such as bread and water) at each hideout location. just enough food and drink to help get the players HP level back up so that they can continue on they way. The food and drink offered is free of charge. To restore the players HP,MP and status elements the player must eat as well as rest in the bed that is in the room. When the players rest time is up the next morning the player must then search the hideout to collect all items, equipment etc. that they want and/or can carry.