Upgrade components are equipment modifiers that can be applied to weapons,armor and trinkets.The equipment must have a used or unused upgrade slot to accept a component.Upgrade components confer additional benefits (such as increased attributes or effects added to attacks) while wielding that piece. Some upgrades may carry visualized effects.They can be crafted, bought, found or obtained as a reward. They can be replaced with another upgrade component but cannot be recovered except by salvaging, which destroys the item.When using a salvage kit on an item, there is a chance to retain the upgrade component. The chance to recover the component depends on the quality of the salvage kit. The item must be at least the minimum level indicated by the upgrade to apply the upgrade.

Upgrade SlotEdit

Each piece of equipment has an upgrade slot for a single upgrade component; applying a second upgrade will destroy the original. Some equipment is found with an empty slot, but some includes an upgrade when acquired, notably higher-quality gear and that rewarded from the personal storyline, or purchased from dungeon vendors.Applying an upgarde to an item causes it to be more rare, except for master rare gear, which will remain master rare after upgrading.also some equipment have more then one upgrade slot on them.

Types of Upgarde ComponentsEdit

There are various different types of upgrade components, the most important are: Gemstones,