A vendor is an NPC who buys and sells items.Trainers are not technically vendors, even though they sell recipes, since they do not buy anything. The word is also sometimes used as a verb for selling to a vendor, e.g., "I'm just going to vendor this axe, since I can't use it." For quick use as a verb, sometimes only "V" is used to mean "vendor it" or "V?" for "vendor it?" Items that have no use other than selling to a vendor are called vendor trash.

It is noteworthy that while most profession and food vendors are essential, most armor and weapon merchants are only as valuable as their repairs.The items they sell are expensive,have no stats,and are almost always completely inferior to items of the same level.They have little to no use after around level 10, when drops and quest rewards become better.


Some vendors can repair armor durability damage (usually vendors who sell armor and weapons, but often those who sell blacksmithing and engineering supplies).


all vendors offer a discount to the player bieng level of 20 or higher.

  • Level 25: 5% discount
  • Level 45: 10% discount
  • Level 60: 15% discount
  • Level 80: 20% discount


Armor and WeaponsEdit


Job SkillEdit

Portable VendorEdit

A few items may be used as portable vendors; players can bring them with them as items or abilities to access a vendor anywhere in the game. This is very useful as it saves a lot of time to not have to return to a stationary vendor every time you have to sell and in some cases buy something.