The Weapons featured in Final Cross are very diverse. They range from swords and maces to axes, bows, and daggers.A Weapon is the piece of equipment that a unit will use in battle, either primarily or secondarily. Whenever the standard Attack command is used, the unit will attack the target with their equipped weapon. Sometimes a weapon can be used in the attack, though not actually used to attack. An example of this would be Mages using their equipped rods and staves to cast their magic. Another example could be whenever a character uses the weapon to initiate some form of powerful attack.

Some Job classes, such as the Red Mage, Blue Mage, and Gladiator can use a variety of weapon types.They are essential tools of survival in Final Cross, and can be bought, looted, stolen, forged, or received as a reward. Weapons can be upgraded at a grindstone with the right material. All Weapons and add ons can be tested in the R Training Facilitiy before you purchase them with Certs  or Cash.

The following is a complete list of weapons in Final Cross.

Common Weapon TypesEdit

Other Weapons TypesEdit